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November 16 you like the amorous butterfly Sidst udgivet den 16-11-2015

Unrequited love a person, always can't help miss, a person's time, that kind of loneliness arises spontaneously, the smell of miss wandering in every corner of the room, the air was filled with shallow blue, but also feel a little bit of sweet in my heart, the deep shallow thoughts, all because of love. Plead his heart, love the mind, like to a person, no reason, the person's name in your heart will always be ups and downs, even though you know each other is far away from you far away, but for his love and appreciation, but time had changed. 
Unrequited love is a beauty of, always stand in the position of a right choice, along the light eyes rest to grope for the other person's every move, you will rejoice in other's happiness, also on the other side of sorrow and distress, a lot of times you want to help him to do something, you want to give him some more warm, but to the end, you still choose to quietly looked at him. You don't have the guts to tell each other your heart ache and worry, how many times in the bottom of my heart to pray for him, hope he is everything all right, hope can smile forever in his mouth, stupid the flew around him, not to return, not to know, only wish each other well. 
Remember when young? Remember the original that throb? Those unforgettable stories, those unforgettable person, maybe it's just a glimpse of the deep time, but enough to make young we indulge in a magnificent dream. When young feelings, it is so pure, just because a heart of the moment would secretly like a person for a long time, not revealing, not make public, take each other silently hidden in the heart, hidden in the heart not because not enough love, but because of love, so don't want to destroy the heart of the beautiful, pure, warm, you take him into your heart a secret, permanent save a long time in the future, make originally the ignorant youth a mark. 
Each person, has its own deep story, just can't find the right person, for like the word, I think we are not unfamiliar, we will encounter a love at first sight, but can't walk together, or sooner or later. Because there is no self-confidence, fear of rejection, I often play the role of the vain, if he has nothing to do with myself, everything in fact have already taken root in my heart, can't restrain, but pretended to calm, pretended everything goes well. For of the person you like, cause easily laugh it off, it will be in your in the mind think, he'll like me? Is he also like me? With pain will choose silence, choose to give up. 

November 11 stepped over a says Sidst udgivet den 11-11-2015

Without matting, raw, natural pure, become like; No suspicion, need not disguise, certainly don't move, just simple. Maybe after many things, I also want to believe that fate, believe in destiny. Perhaps, as I have more, can PianPianRan but I met you.
Read this, specific time, hold the hand the world of mortals, exist, coagulation word for love. Two dependencies, such as flower, you are my only keep warm, not negative, the prosperous lips lingering.
In that day, the sky overcast, such as my mood. On a petty pleasures sad, closed his eyes and can't remember your smile, complete in one thousand, the world of mortals, at this moment flush the body, the my colorful world began to glow, such good pleasure makes me intoxicated.
Years are not common, I make a prosperous life, carrying the wind all the way, in the beautiful autumn, drunk dream, warm heart...